Three sandpipers feeding on the shoreline at West Sands, St Andrews.

Plastic Free Packaging | Our Pledge

What lurks beneath the waves? Worryingly in our 21st century world fuelled among other things by synthetic materials and convenience, the answer is millions of tons of plastic pollution. Globally we are drowning in a sea of plastic. Every day, at least 8 million pieces of plastic end up in our oceans. A bad enough statistic in itself, but once it's there plastic has a nasty habit of hanging around for a staggering length of time. Just one plastic bottle can last for as long as 450 years in a marine environment. It may break down over time into ever decreasing pieces until they are microscopic, but they are still present in even the deepest oceans, on our coasts and in the marine food chain.

microplastics, mega concerns

Now recent reports state that microplastics are even in the air we breathe - and not only in urban environments. Microplastic pollution has been detected in iconic wilderness and landscapes across the planet bringing with it concerning consequences for human health. And most recently, microplastics have even been found in bloodstreams. Understandably, the "plastification" of our planet, as one scientist recently termed it, is seen as one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time.

That's the bad news. On the brighter side, the more we admit there's a problem, the more we can start challenging it, even on a personal level. And there's increasing recognition that we need to take sustainable action to better manage the use of plastics before they accumulate in the environment and swirl around freely. It's an issue we can all embrace and help to tackle with positive action. Saying no to single-use plastic is a great place to start making a real difference that can bring lasting impact.

turning the tide

Here at The St Andrews Hamper Co., we're determined to be part of the sustainability solution not the problem. We are committed to doing our bit to reduce the use of plastic and prevent plastic waste ending up in our oceans, in wildlife, in food or the atmosphere - elements that are crucial to sustaining life for every species. That's why every gift hamper, basket and box we send is beautifully wrapped without plastic. Even the tape on our external packaging is non-plastic. Whatever the occasion, sending one of our organic and eco-friendly gifts shows you care, not just about the person you're treating, but also our precious oceans and planet.


Fighting back, looking forward

We can all choose to be part of the solution, not the problem for future generations. Instead of drowning in a sea of plastic, together we can make clear, clean water every child's birthright.


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